Time to Raid !!!

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Time to Raid !!!

Postby Kizmypatooti » Sat Sep 12, 2015 11:47 pm

Not quite.
First there are a few things we need to deal with.

Addons required:
- DBM downloaded and up-to-date.
- and whatever other addons you need to optimize your playing skills.

- Ventrilo you can get the info and pw from any raider in guild

1) Make sure you have the best flasks, pots and food on hand. Gear must be gemmed and enchanted.
2) Grab whatever seals/tokens.
3) Know what loot you need from each boss... and which boss has your upgrades.
4) If you are unfamiliar with any of the boss fights we are about to encounter... make sure you have watched the videos. Don't rely on LFR experience.
A favorite of most of the raiders https://www.youtube.com/user/FatbossTV
Hellfire Citadel: Two Minute Tips https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=P ... 67JUDpqtN5
Icy-veins Raid Guides http://www.icy-veins.com/wow/raid-guides

5) Please log in at least 10 minutes before raid start time. If you are going to be late, let us know.
6) No non-combat pets are allowed out during raid.
7) Take all those fun prank-type toys and remove them from your action bar so you aren't tempted.

We are a compromise of old school and whatever type of raiding you call *this* LOL (guess you can tell I'm the *old school*).
- Do not run ahead of the tanks ... and the tanks wait for healers.
- Feel free to talk during raid but please do not disrupt the Raid Leaders while they are trying to explain a fight strategy ... I don't care how many times you've heard it before... they have the floor. Ask questions AFTER they have explained things out.
- Only a Raid Leader can call out for a b-rez.
- Healers call out before blowing a cooldown.
- Please bring your A game .. if you are not up to raiding or just in a pissy mood, skip raid nite until you're up to the task.
- While we understand that real life things can and do happen during raid (and we want you to tend to those without hesitation or reservation) ... please please please do make the effort to have the 2 hours - twice a week - clear so you can participate in raid uninterrupted. It is not fair to the rest of the raid group if you are attempting to multi-task while raiding. So eat your supper, deal with the kids, or whatever else needs doing before raid.

Now for a somewhat touchy subject .. the matter of spousal aggro. If raiding has become an issue with your S.O. then please work those things out first.

We are fortunate to have 2 exceptional Raid Leaders - Archer & Skrubal. One has the strong statistical and analytical mind while the other brings the strategic and fight knowledge to the table. Both have the best interests of the raid groups as priority. Please give them the same respect and courtesy you give me as GL.

Some of the raid members don't mind pranks and what nots while others of us don't find them amusing at all .. know who is which :) I shall be the first to admit I am one of the ones you don't touch whereas Skrubal doesn't mind. Having said that, keep any horsing around to break time.

If you have any questions or need further clarification, don't hesitate to ask ! While this may seem like a lot of *do's* and *don'ts* , we make every effort to try and accommodate.
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Re: Time to Raid !!!

Postby Rkhard » Thu Apr 28, 2016 10:58 am

I am only going to highlight and add to some of the things Kiz has already put out.. these are the rules and guidelines for raiding in dawghouse both main core and alt core. while these rules are open for discussion please IM me privately to discuss them if you have a suggested change.

Raiding is NOT something you just log in and do. there is a certain amount of preparation that is required and is expected. I know you may say you pay to play the game the way you want but in raiding there is 10-14 other peoples counting on you to work as hard as they did to get there.

your gear is the number one way to prep for raiding and by this I mean appropriate gear. while in alt core we will tolerate some and I do mean some PVP gear Main core raiders are expected to seek out the best possible PVE gear that they can. This also means you need to be enchanted appropriately. there is no excuse to not have enchants as the guild is willing to provide these things for little to no cost. all you have to do is ask someone. this goes back to raiding isn't something you log in and do.

Potions, flasks, food, seals. you are required to utilize the best potions flasks and food. this also means coming to raid already stocked up and not making people wait for you to grab things if you log in 5 minutes prior to raid. you come to raid prepared to raid. this isn't a hardcore mentality this is a courtesy to the other raiders who took the time to prepare for raid so they don't have to wait for you to get started. alt core this will apply to you as well the only exception will be made for raiders who are simply coming in to help carry people.

courtesy to others. we are all one team and one family. we will not humiliate or belittle any other player for type of play or performance. any type of this behavior you will be removed no warnings. we treat people the way we want ourselves treated there is no exception for that.

There are 2 raid leaders. Skruball and Meesohoardy. all issues will be taken up with either of them. try to keep all issues in IM for privacy and so as to not disturb the group.
Skruball is the strategist and while he is explaining a fight pay attention. he is the only one authorized to change a strat for a fight. while we appreciate your sugestions and input on how to kill the bosses skruball reserves the final say on what strat we will use. if you have an issue with either raid leader please attempt to take it up with them in private. if things can not be resolved we will have a conference on vent with the guild leader.
during the fight there is one raid leader so please keep your vent comments till the end of the fight so that he is able to make call outs. there is situational times you may have to speak so keep all communication to the min. (ex: such and such is rooted)

ADDONS: these addons are absolutely required. Deadly Boss Mods. Ventrillo. some add ons are required for certain raids example hellfire citadel requires Iskar assist. addons that are required for raid will be downloaded prior to raid being started we will not wait for you to go download it. if you can not take the time to prepare for the raid we will simply sit you out until you can meet the requirments without causing the rest of the raid to wait for you. this isn't to be a dick this is for the courtesy of others and to get max time inside the raid to clear as much as we can.

Punctuality: be on time and ready to raid. raid invites will start going out 30 minutes prior to raiding, at 10 minutes out if you are not here we will begin looking for a pug. understand that by being late you are letting the rest of the raid core down as we plan our night content based on who we have available. if you show up less than 10 minutes prior at the discretion of the raid leaders we may simply tell you that we don't need you for the night and sit you out. raid is from 7-9 server time. its not to much to ask you to be at least 10 minutes early and stay the whole time. remember our raid core consists of 10-15 people and those people have adjusted their schedules to raid. if you can not do the same let us know so we can seek a replacement.

Loot rules. we have and always will be main spec then off spec. we ask people refrain from acquiring 1 main spec upgrade a night you are welcome if another piece drops to roll off spec on it. Tier is not included on this and will be handled on a case by case basis to keep loot fair and even. this applies both main core and alt core. the disclaimer to this. there will be very rare circumstances where a certain piece of loot will simply be awarded to a person based on its gains to that person and the overall raid core. keep in mind this is something that is very rare and to date has only happened 1 time. but every now and then we have that raider that by doing what the raid core needs them to do they miss out on something they needed on their main toon while being asked to play an alt. if you have a loot discrepancy take it up with the raid leaders in IM.

Min item level for alt core is 670. there are rare exception that will be made by the raid leaders only.

if you have any sugestions or comments to this please feel free to leave them here or IM me in game: meesohoardy

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