New to PVP or looking for other pvpers?

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New to PVP or looking for other pvpers?

Postby Yeshachessk » Wed Mar 02, 2016 9:09 pm

Hi all! if you want to group for pvp or have any questions, pst anytime. Dont be shy, we just have fun. No pros here. I join Ashran premade groups ( Hydra ) on tue, wed & thur nite. BG's and arenas most other nites. Do those 3's and get that mount! :) also you can buy primal spirit with honor points and get ilvl 700 pve gear easy, while your waiting to get better raid gear.
If your new to pvp I can pocket heal you in bg's for some real fun practice. IGN Yesha , chessk and Sonofsteve . if I dont answer a whisper, there is alot of npc spam chat in pvp sometime. Or im afk. Kill alli !!!!!! :) for th horde!

port: 4135

Find premades on public vent!
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Re: New to PVP or looking for other pvpers?

Postby Deathvellkil » Tue Apr 26, 2016 7:34 am

I am also available to group for pvp most of the time. I'm not as experienced as Yeshachessk, but I will do my best to help anyone new to pvp if he is not around. If I'm not on my main, I am most likely leveling one of my alts. Feel free to message me no matter what character I am on.

IGN: Main-Deathvellkil
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