Doin' it Da Dawghouse way!!

Dawghouse is a level 25 casual raiding/social guild. We have some great PvPers newly added to our roster who'd love to get with you and kick some AA (Alliance Ass). Our guild membership is comprised of raiders, pvpers, questers and achievement-hos. We are currently 13/13 in n-HFC and 13/13 heroic mode.

Acquaint yourself

with our newly revamped forums! Just register using your recognizable ingame name. If you run into any snag registering, holler at *Kiz* ingame. Don't be shy!! We look forward to your participation on our forums (and don't forget to add to our waistlines by posting to our Da Dawghouse Cookbook & Bar-tending Guide).

We're still around after more than great 5 years!

"Build it and they will come". We wanted to create a guild where everyone from questers to pvpers to raiders would find themselves comfortable within a very sociable atmosphere. And I think we've been very successful.

Get ready to..

RAID!!. Schedules, prerequisites and other raid related information can be found on our forum under "Raiding with Da Dawgs". Our second raid core/alts is up Saturdays 7-9pm server. Occasionally we set aside a night for old raid content and achievements. And if you're looking to PvP, you're sure to find Yesha lurking around somewhere.

See you ingame !

It's always great seeing some old, familiar faces returning and welcoming new ones. If we can be of any assistance getting you (re)acquainted with your class or need help with the talent trees, speccing or rotation. We do have a wealth of knowledge (and an old "tail" or 2) to share.

Contact Us

Via Kizmypatooti, Slayke, Meesohoardy or Skrubal in-game, on the forums, PM or by email... or just come chat with us in vent.
Looking to join Dawghouse? a simple who search ingame of "In Da Dawghouse" and any Dawghouse guild member will be happy to assist.